The Happy All-Rounder Mathematics Kit For Preschoolers

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This is a practical step-by-step kit that incorporates detailed lesson plans and instructions developed to guide the child in mathematics learning. It includes key knowledge areas that the child will follow through and which form the goals the child is supposed to fulfill. It incorporates development milestones and learning outcomes to guide the learning journey. The curriculum and lesson frameworks provide for practical lessons delivery and activities.

This Mathematics Kit is essentially

  • Written by parents for parents, guardians, tutors and teachers;
  • Crafted for easy understanding and with step-by-step follow-through;
  • Used by parents, guardians, tutors and teachers to teach and facilitate homeschoolers as well as children attending full-time or part-time preschool programs;
  • Developed for teaching specialists to enhance mathematics enrichment programs and training;
  • Leveraged on to support and supplement preschoolers under the supervision of childcare facilities; and
  • The best kept trade secrets that educators, practitioners, teachers, competitors and education commercial stakeholders will never release to parents, users and trade professionals.

This kit delivers meaningful and relevant learning experiences to the child and certainly facilitates the effective delivery of mathematical concepts and learning. Increasing the child’s motivation will make learning more realistic and purposeful and guide the child to make sense of the daily encounters with numeracy.This is not just one kit to “Get By” with. It is one that parents, guardians and educators “Pledge By”!

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